Table Construction

110421-tableConstruction-BODCalifornia Billiards provides professional refelting and moving services.

Buying a pool table can often be considered as making an investment. If the pool table is well made and constructed of quality components and hard woods, it will retain it’s value and gains value over the years.

California Billiards is a known producer of quality pool tables. Using the finest pool table slate, leather pockets, hand selected woods with the traditional craftsmanship, every table is a fine piece of art finished with precision and care. Buying a pool table from us would definitely add another fine piece of furniture to your existing collection.

Type of wood, finishes and hand carved details on the legs and the table body are good indicators to show the quality and value of a pool table.

Our tables are constructed with the hand selected oak and maple wood as the main material. On some models the legs and the body are carved with great detail in a process that takes as long as one month and then finished with the choice of leather bags and color to fit your unique taste and style. The finished product can really be called a piece of art.

Every stage of California Billiards manufacturing process is responsibly governed by California Billiards commitment to quality control. From the first design sketch, through years of development, to the final finish touch on the production line, the driving idea behind every California Billiards table is to keep rewarding its owner, year after year.

Superior Craftsmanship

At California Billiards, the keen-eyed artisans meticulously selects only the finest raw materials to begin your masterpiece. We pay particular attention in matching grain patterns and alternating growth rings to create a beautiful canvass that will stand the test of time. Custom select hardwoods are bonded grain against grain for maximum strength and support. Be it detailed hand-carving, sanding and finishing, they are all done by experienced hands. Some of the hand-carving artisans have over 30 years of experience in the field, working hard to create lively details, piece by piece.

Furniture Finish

The meticulously created wood stain finishes emphasized the natural warmth and beauty inherent in each wood species. Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes commercial sanding equipment as well as custom made tools to prepare the components for stain.

California Billiards realizes that in order for a piece of furniture to have a great finish, the product must be properly prepared. State-of-art sanding equipment, built specifically to California Billiards standards ensures only the very finest of finishes.

Natural Maple, Medium Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Honey, Teak are names of some of the custom blended stains used in your California Billiards table.


California Billiards tables feature the finest true one inch thickness slates, adding weight for accuracy and control. The 3 pieces slate sets are precisely matched & registered. The top & bottom are diamond honed to ensure level and consistent roll of the balls. The oversized slate extends under the rails so that the rails can be fastened directly to the slate and makes it possible to individually level each piece of slate for obtaining a perfect level every time, thus giving the best possible combination of play. The slate rests on a ¾” slated-liner made of hardwood that is precision-cut, milled, and laminated, providing a quieter game, tighter cloth installation, and a truer playing surface that will endure the test of time.

Frame Works

In addition to the slate liner, California Billiards pool tables incorporate a solid-core board slate foundation. The solid-core board is an engineered material that provides a flat level support area for the slate to rest on.

Below the solid-core board is the Uni-frame support structure, which offers the utmost in style and support. The support system uses 1 ½” thick and 4 ½” tall hardwood beams, utilizing a grid framework used where 2 cross beams run the width with 1 center beam run the length. These beams are interlock to one another and attached using heavy metal brackets. This method of construction ensures maximum stability, keeping the cabinet squared and true forever.

Solid Hardwood Leg Mount

The Corner system take advantage of the meticulously machined one piece post leg and allows all of the cabinet weight to rest directly on the leg shield. The highest quality craftsmanship incorporates over-sized, mortised leg connecting stop block timbers.

It’s hard not to notice the size, symmetry and design of California Billiards billiards leg. Each oversized leg starts with the finest in custom select hardwoods to ensure a lifetime of trouble free support. Then each leg is individually hand carved to create an heirloom quality table. They are individually sanded, finished and sealed to provide a lifetime of beauty.

Wide Profile Rails

Custom wide profile rails combined with our Precision-Inlayed, sharp pointed, diamond shaped mother of pearl sights give California Billiards tables the quality appearance you would expect from a fine piece of furniture. California Billiards Speed Cushions made from Billiard Congress of America tournament-approved 100% natural gum rubber with no fillers or stabilizers added. They are molded to a k-66 profile with canvas backing. This backing allows the cushion to bond tightly to the rail, ensures that the rubber permanently adheres to the wood. Canvas liners, also known as control fabric, are also on top of the cushion. This control fabric ensures the felt does not loosen or move. At the same time, it controls the action of the rubber for more accurate and consistent play. Live air space, assists the cushion in its ability to control the speed of the ball. It also allows the cushion to breath from the front to back, maintaining rubber consistency.

Solid hardwood blind rails are permanently attached to the top rails at our factory, with no visible hardware to distract the eye from the beauty of the table. They are designed to deliver optimal ball response.

The floating nut plate secures the rail and apron to the slate bed with unyielding torque strength; allowing for exact alignment.